From the mouths of babes.

A few random quotes from our youngest, the sage and wise Ella.  She’s three.

Me:  Ella, did you brush your teeth?
Ella:  No.
Me:  Will you please?
Ella:  Yes.  It’s all just part of the plan, you see.
Ella:  (audibly “toots”)
Me:  Ella!  My goodness!  What do you say?
Ella:  ‘Scuse me.
Me:  Thank you.
Ella:  It sounded like a train starting.
Ella:  I love you Jenny.
Me:  Why?
Ella:  Why what?
Me:  Why do you love me?
Ella:  Because you rock the hairbrush.
Ella didn’t eat her lunch today so she wasn’t allowed any ice cream this afternoon.  Her sister Lilly decided to hold this over her head in the car today on the way home.
Ella:  I’m hungry.
Me:  I bet you are, honey.  You didn’t eat any of your lunch.
Ella:  Well, I’m hungry now.
Lilly:  Ha, ha!    You should’ve eaten your lunch!
Ella:  April Fool’s.  I’m not hungry.
Now that, innernet, is funny.

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