Girl, Corrupted has been M.I.A.

Oh, people.  I’m so sorry.  This lil‘ blog was once a shiny new toy that I couldn’t wait to race home to play with for hours.  Now, it’s almost as obsolete as Lincoln logs versus a Wii.   I work and then I work on this house of ours and then I help Johnny with his daughters, and then, I collapse.  

Everything I wanted to write about in the last few months were posts better left unwritten.  Put it this way, this little transition to new city and a new marriage and a new life hasn’t been easy.   It’s certainly been eye-opening.  It’s also been nothing like I was prepared for, both positively and negatively.  I’m happy to say that I think I’ve about found my groove, for the most part.  For the first few months, I was akin to a goat on Astroturf.  Now things are pretty much coasting along and I’m excited about spring approaching and all that comes with it.  Flowers and sunshine and warm evenings ahead.
We’ve been sleeping with our bedroom window open and I love it. At night it’s wonderful to hear the quiet sounds of the country and smell the fresh air.  In the mornings, I love hearing the birds awaken and greet the morning and take in the crisp breeze. We have one bird, however, that lights outside of our window and happens to be quite the douchebag.  He’s like the drunk guy at the party who’s never ready to leave.  All the other birds are quietly chirping and greeting the upcoming day and this guy is stumbling home from the bar, loudly TWEEEEEET! Tweet tweet tweet!  TAHWEET!!ing the entire time.  It makes me laugh but it irritates the snot out of Johnny, which of course, makes me laugh too. Good morning!   He’s really loud and there is obviously no shame in his game.  Go Tweety!  Get your chirp on!
So much at once.  New city, new marriage, new (actually old and decrepit but new to me) home, new job, no friends, two daughters, ex-wife, new in-laws – and that’s just the start!  I’ve found myself living a completely new and unfamiliar life.  Nothing of which is the same except for this horribly behaved junkyard dog of mine. He’s adjusted beautifully, thank ya.
Yesterday Johnny and I attended a wedding. I was moved when I saw the groom tear up and struggle with his vows.
Me:  You didn’t cry at OUR wedding.
Johnny:  No, but I have every day since.
It’s our sense of humor that keeps everything trucking right along, you know.  Johnny and I laugh every single day – this morning we awoke to the sound of rain and I smiled and rolled over, back into quiet slumber – a real treat for us.  The second time I awoke it was to find my husband putting a breakfast tray on the bed filled with sausage biscuits, fruit and juice.  
This new life of mine?  Well, I could used to that, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Girl, Corrupted has been M.I.A.

  1. Wendy says:

    I often get breakfast in bed on Saturdays. I am glad you have foudn your new groove. It can make life easier.

  2. Joe says:

    Glad your back with your groove on. I to love the country. As for the birds just shoot em. Not really but i do love to wake up to them.

  3. alphawoman says:

    I was beginning to be concerned so I am so glad to see this post. I understand what you are going through and your inability to write what you truly feel on these cyber pages. I really wish at times to return to the anonymity that I had at the beginning of this venture. But, it is long gone by now.

  4. Elliemae says:

    Welcome back! I missed your humor.

  5. Sheri says:

    I to, like alphawoman, was beginning to become concerned. Wondered if Johnny had become tired of you and threw you in an old well or something. So good to see you are back!!!!

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