Me: Okay, let’s unwrap your lunch.
Little Girl: Goodies!
Me: Okay. Here’s your sandwich. It looks like just jelly, no peanut butter. You’ve got carrots and some pretzels too. And a juicebox…score!
Little Girl: It’s fwossting.
Me: What is fwossting?
Little Girl: My sammich! It’s fwossting.

Sure enough, I peel back the Wonder bread and there is chocolate frosting in between – as in the filling of the sandwich. Not the grape jelly as I initially had thought.

Me: *laughing* Sweetheart, are your parents potheads?!? *

I kid. But seriously? Who came up with cake frosting sandwiches?!? Not even back in college that would have ever occurred to me.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Amy says:

    ok. that is the scariest thing ive ever heard. in the inner – and i mean inner – city, where the mother is a gang banging addict, ok, frosting. but in the country? is she being raised by a meth head? that is just child abuse. and laziness. and really bad parenting.

  2. Wow, but when you think it about it, not much worse than pure sugar jelly or, even better, Fluff!

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