That not-so-fresh feeling.

I ran out to lunch today and while I was out I stopped by the liquor store. (big surprise) I got a bottle of vodka and went up and placed it on the counter. The young dude that works there is always flirty and friendly and extremely good looking. He was chatting away and as I was listening and smiling I reached into my purse and whipped out my wallet with a flourish. My eyes froze in horror as I saw that a maxi-pad was stuck to the zipper. It broke free and landed between us on the scanner. We both looked down at it and then looked up at each other.

I shrilled “AWKWARD“! and snatched it up and clumsily tucked it back into my purse. I was sweating.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “That not-so-fresh feeling.

  1. Wendy says:

    Nice!About the job thing, sweating like a whore in church isn’t cussing, in my book. Heck, I say that all the time. cussing would be dropping the F-bomb. Did you really quit? I know in this economy a job is a good thing, but this job does not sound like a good fit for you.

  2. Elliemae says:

    I love that you’re buying vodka on your lunch hour. Did you quit yet?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you tell everybody about the time you were writing a check for a tape and the cute guy behind the counter was flirting with you and snot dripped out your nose and landed on the check……wooo one of my favorite stories to tell about YOU!

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