Take this job and shove it.

Okay. I’ve always been told that weighing ones options is a good idea before making any rash decisions. Ya’ll wanna help? Let’s list the pros and cons of my new job and see how things stack up.


1. Income
2. Close to home
3. Free coffee
4. Good bathrooms. There is a really loud exhaust fan that automatically goes on when you turn on the lights – this makes for a poop-friendly environment. Go ahead, bust a grunty – no one can hear!

1. It is sucking out my will to live.
2. Cube farm.
3. Cold calling and computer sales. (yawn)
4. Have to clock in and out. Can you imagine? I’m salaried for Pete’s sake.
5. Office politics.
6. The location sucks. Sure, it’s close to home but it’s not close to anything else. Seriously, we’re in a warehouse next to a trailer park.
7. I am trapped in a room with the same 6 people every day. They are nice people, but I am still stuck day in and day out without seeing a new face. I have been here 9 days and pretty much know all that I need to about each of them.
8. I fucking hate office work. Mind numbingly dull.

Well, there you have it. Double the cons over the pros. I am going to give this one more week. If in one week things don’t dramatically improve I will collect my first paycheck and simultaneously turn in my notice. I owe my friend who got me this job the benefit of the doubt.
This morning I had a meltdown at the kitchen sink and poor Johnny just looked at me bewildered and helpless. We can’t start our mornings like that. It’s no good for anyone.

John and I are a team though and we’ll work this out. I intend to keep looking elsewhere for work. It’s easier to find a job when you already have one, after all.

At this point, I’m about ready to don a hairnet and ask folks if they want to supersize their order.

4 thoughts on “Take this job and shove it.

  1. Janie says:

    Girl. I feel for you. I would definitely keep the job until you find another.What’s the market like there? Are jobs available?Have you gone to a temp firm? Lots of times you can work temp to permanent….kind of a good test for both sides.

  2. Jen says:

    I applied at a temp agency when I first moved here and they never came up with anything – the job market is terrible in East TN. I’ve applied at a deli, a garden shop, a dr’s office and more! Something will come up, I know – I just have to be patient and frugal!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Having been in your position, I say: Get out (relief), or have a plan to get out (hope). Seems obvious based on what you’ve said, but that sort of sh*t will trickle down into your everyday life and is good for no one. It isn’t worth the money if the mortgage can still be paid and everyone can eat without it.. Just my 2 cents.

  4. jill says:

    One word, girlfriend…Starbucks. Any of those around? It’s a pretty darn good job. Okay, the facts – the pay is not stellar (but it’s not the worst), free coffee (actually, free double tall soy lattes with one pump of vanilla and a half pump of mocha), an equal share of fun and irritating people, 30% off all Starbucks all the time anywhere, making coffee drinks is FUN, 20 hours a week=full benefits, stylish apron, when you go home you leave your work at your work, and okay, it IS a humbling experience to sweep floors and empty trash. It’s not the job I would have seen for myself, as in, I thought that I should be having a salaried, respectable, wear cool outfits to work kind of gig. Oh well. Keep an open mind and keep looking!

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