And so it begins…

Well, we have survived our first Thanksgiving and subsequent road trip as married folk.


Thanksgiving day was gorgeous, the sun shone brightly and the trees were in full autumn explosion. I cooked a small turkey breast and we prepared all the fixin’s. My boot camp pal Brooks joined us as well and the three of us had a delightful time. The food was plentiful and there were a lot of laughs. We convinced Brooks to stick around for a Trivial Pursuit smackdown after physically restraining bribing her with chocolate cake. However, she handed us both our respective asses with her vast knowledge of all things trivial. “Oscar Wilde! Aswan Dam! Mount Kenya”! The woman was a trivia machine and John and I were notably humbled.

Upon her departure we nursed our wounds, poured drinks and promptly settled on the couch in flannel pajamas to watch “Entourage”. Ah, the married life!

I have much for which to be thankful.


John and I did not plan a proper honeymoon, per se. We planned a little two-night getaway to celebrate, but nothing extravagant. Well, that was until my pals Stace, Schell and Jane got involved, anyway. Our reservations were moved to the Ritz Carlton and we lived waaay beyond our means for two days and evenings. The room was spectacular. Of course, I managed to clog the toilet within THE FIRST 5 MINUTES of inhabiting the room, I kid you not. John was mortified. My response to him? Get used to it, buddy. So, thanks to my pals for turning a teeny road trip into a blissful honeymoon -sorry about the maintenance charges.

Oh, the romance!

We had a fantastic time – we shopped, went out to eat, slept late and watched football. It was lovely to just have some time to ourselves as usually we have a schedule in which to adhere. I’ll be moving in three weeks so between that and Christmas, I’d say we have a pretty full plate. I’m thrilled about the future and more than a few times I caught myself stealing sideways glances at John thinking “that’s my husband“. Weird. So weird, in fact, that I sat at the DMV while they called out my new married name THREE TIMES before I realized they were calling ME. I looked like a dolt. A newly married dolt.

It was disappointing to return to my house yesterday evening. John left to drive back and I was left in the house alone, as Mr. Cooper was still at the kennel. It sounds mushy and gag-inducing, but I was so saddened at his departure. I guess when you finally figure out what you want for your life, you’re ready for it to start immediately. I didn’t think I’d feel any different being married, but as it turns out, I do. Simply put, I just feel better when he’s around.

That’s alright though, we’re almost there. This Christmas we’ll be a family!

Oh, how life throws us curveballs. A little over a year ago John phoned me to catch up and who knew we’d end up here? The funny thing is, I think we both did.

2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Hang in there, only a couple more weeks!

  2. Wendy says:

    What wonderful friends to treat you to such a fabulous honeymoon weekend!Christmas will be here before we know it. Hang on!

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