The Long and Winding Road

So the big day is quickly approaching. Hard to believe the proposal was four months ago and here we are, already. We are having a very small somewhat unconventional wedding and I love our arrangements. What I cannot fathom is how some folks handle a large endeavor. We are having a very small group and there are still seemingly a zillion things to consider. Flowers and food and desserts, oh my! I tell ya another thing, the wedding business is BIG business. I have found myself in stores lingering over crap I had no idea even existed. A month ago I couldn’t have spelled “boutonniere” if you held an ice pick to my temple.

John has been a champ though and I think here, at 3 days out, we’re almost all set. It seems somewhat surreal, really. I never really thought I’d ever get married. Rocketman and I joked about it during the course of our relationship, but it was more of a “what if” than a “when”. It never seemed like an actual possibility, I suppose.

What’s amazing is that when John re-entered my life, it wasn’t a question at all. It was an unspoken natural plan. We literally never really had a conversation about getting married, we both just seemed to know that one day we would – and now that day is almost here. A day almost twenty-two years in the making. I found a quote recently that reads; “we always believe our first love is our last, and our last our first”. In our case it’s ironically true. We took different paths for over two decades but in the end they had the same destination. I’d like to believe that we all end up exactly where we are supposed to be, eventually. I also believe that we are where we are at the time we’re supposed to be there.

So this weekend I’m going to stand by John’s side and promise to love him and his daughters for the rest of my life. This is the time in our lives that this was supposed to happen. This is where all of the roads led. You know what else? This is exactly where I am supposed to be.

For good.

13 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road

  1. Laura says:

    Have an awesome day on Saturday!

  2. Jamie says:

    I am so excited for you!I will be thinking of you on Saturday…Man, I would really like to be a wedding crasher that day !! LOLHappiness to you both – forever !Jamie

  3. RM says:

    Hey there! Have a wonderful wedding! Don’t stress out too much as even the things that go wrong will seem funny.. eventually đŸ™‚ Will there be an open bar? Martinis all around? j/k! Congrats to you both, rather to you all, as a family.

  4. amy says:

    Have fun and enjoy! Very best wishes for many years of happiness!

  5. Only the best thoughts for a wonderful day and a wonderful life!

  6. jill says:

    What a wonderful thing for all of you!!!!!!!

  7. alphawoman says:

    Have a wonderful life together.

  8. Congratulations!!I always imagined boutonniere spelled more like buccaneer, but that’s just how I roll.I hope that quote is true…hope hope hope.Have a wonderful wedding!!

  9. Jen says:

    Sincere thanks to all of you for your warm wishes! I promise to snap out of the sap shortly and get back to posting about my favorite subjects, booze and poop.(smile)

  10. Wendy says:

    Awwww! Congrats! Saturday will be wonderful for you. And all these little details you find yourself worring about….they just won’t matter, you will forget about them, and everything will magically fall into place.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Jen!! I’m so happy for you!! I know it will be an awesome day and a beautiful life!!Congrats again!N

  12. Anonymous says:

    jenny,wish i could be there with you,looking forward to meeting this guy “Johnny”love your writings, make me feel we are closer than we are.Oh How i miss dad and those days….trust me, he is watching down with a smile and a twinkle in his youric

  13. Imez says:

    You are my antidote.Plus, I can’t get over how freaking young you look in that photo. Like, 22, young.

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