I’d be embarrassed if it were not so AWESOME.

I swear to you, this is an actual online conversation from 8:03am this morning. I work in a very cool and modern professional office. We are in the software business. Technically, I work with *adults*. However, as has been proven over and over again, that’s debatable. My co-workers vote, pay taxes and raise families. You’d never know it because it would seem that I arrive to work in a dorm room every morning.

starwarsgeek: Good morning!
girl,corrupted: How do?
starwarsgeek: Pretty good. Trying to wake up. How you be?
girl,corrupted: I’m good. Sitting here laughing.
starwarsgeek: Oh yeah? What’s up?
girl,corrupted: I just farted and it bubbled up my crack and tickled. It made me giggle.
starwarsgeek: That very well may be the best thing I’ll hear or read all day.

girl,corrupted: Sadly, I’m pretty sure that will be the highlight of my day as well.

starwarsgeek: So, I bought a digital camera last night. I showed Chris and she only remarked, “it’s sooooo small”.

girl,corrupted: THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID.

starwarsgeek: No kidding! Let’s not revisit awkward moment in college!

Wow. Looking back it would seem that I am mostly the one who is not behaving like an adult.


3 thoughts on “I’d be embarrassed if it were not so AWESOME.

  1. Baby, you might have a hard time finding a new job…

  2. Imez says:

    I have no idea why you’re still single. Fart-bubbler.I’m starting a poll that you change your blog title to that.

  3. aweeeeeeesommmmmeeeeeeeee!

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