Change is Good.

Where in the hell did the weekend go?

Here it is Sunday evening and it feels like I’ve just left work on Friday night. The days are blurring together lately and it seems to me that I have so much on my plate. Well, maybe I’m just being overly dramatic. I mean, all I have to do is sell my house, find a new house, leave my friends and family and move to a new city, get a new job, get married and become a stepmom. That’s not so bad, after all life is change, people!


John and I went house hunting this weekend and we really enjoyed ourselves. There’s something adventurous and very voyeuristic about going into other people’s abodes. Since we have the exact irreverent sense of humor, it was actually fun. Who wants quotes?!?

John: Someone went to a lot of trouble to make this a pain in the ass for someone else.

*this was upon viewing a master bedroom with an actual checkerboard decorating technique. huge multi-colored squares covering an entire wall. it was terrible*

Me: Look, there’s a pond!
John: No, honey, that’s a mosquito laden swamp.
Me: Oh. Well, I like the deck though.

Me: Well, that’s just chocolate covered shit. *pointing to a lighthouse themed switch plate*

John: I can’t spend one single night in a home with a gold ceiling fan.


We met up with John’s folks and daughters and had supper* and discussed our findings. Innernet, I cannot sincerely express to you how much things in my life have changed enormously in the last calendar year. I found myself escorting a little girl to the ladies room, her tiny hand in mine. I also discovered that I was thinking that my feelings would definitely not be hurt if someone in the restaurant just assumed that she was my daughter. Because she’s perfect, you see. I escorted another perfect daughter to the restroom to wash our hands before dinner and thought the exact same thing.

Six months ago I wasn’t sure John and I would ultimately make it because I couldn’t imagine submersing myself into this life. His children truly frightened me because I could only picture what I would have to sacrifice instead of thinking about all that I would gain. I thought I was too old, too selfish, and entirely too set in my ways. Now? I cannot imagine my life without them. What’s more amazing than that realization is the transition itself.

I am wiping chins and dressing kids and watching Josh and Drake and making breakfast and playing games and telling stories and tucking babies in and rocking cherubs to sleep and bathing babies and singing with kids and holding hands and laughing, laughing and oh, there’s more laughing.

That’s not the amazing part.

The amazing part? I LOVE IT. I hope to give back all that they’ve already given me. Tenfold.

Trust, respect, laughter and a WHOLE lot of snuggling.

I read a poem about becoming a stepmom awhile ago. I cannot remember it completly, but I do remember this; “You didn’t grow under my heart. Instead, you grew in it”.

I like that.

A lot.

* I am singlehandedly bringing “supper” back. Everyone says dinner or whatever….and I think “supper” is an awesome word that’s been put on the back bench a bit. I’m bringing it back. Watch me!

3 thoughts on “Change is Good.

  1. jill says:

    This is just weird but I have to tell you I got so excited when I read this blog. I TOO have been bringing back supper. I’ve been reading the “litle House on the Prairie” book series to my son (he LIKES it) and they are always having dinner at lunch and supper at night. That’s how it used to be in my family too when I was a kid. So, we’re now having “supper” at night and I LOVE that word. Yay supper!

  2. Wendy says:

    According to my husband’s family (TX hicks) – supper is during the middle of the day and dinner is the meal eaten at night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “John: I can’t spend one single night in a home with a gold ceiling fan.”I will use this quote, with appropriate citation. Hilarious.

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