Jumpity Jumping Jenny

One week, no posts…YIG.

Well, it’s been a busy week and I’ve egregiously neglected this narcissistic little endeavor. Oops.


My realtor hosted an open house for my home last Sunday. There was an incredibly lame turn-out due to a GAS SHORTAGE, because I live in a third world country Nashville, TN. Anyway, she reported that a few people came in and nosed around. The weird thing is that someone took it upon themselves to reverse my toilet paper direction in both of my bathrooms. I am a strict *over the top* person and each of my bathrooms had its toilet paper reversed in the *from underneath* direction. I find this mostly hilarious, but also a little odd. Someone is either really funny, or they suffer from quite a sense of entitlement.


The “Swell Season” concert from the below post was everything I had imagined and more. Their voices soared and swooped and harmonized and fit together with a gentle yet thunderous unity. I felt allover goosebumps on more than one occasion during the show. They seemed genuinely humble regarding their success and it was an evening I’ll never forget. The soundtrack to the movie “Once” is deeply moving and emotional but seeing these actors/musicians/lovers perform in person was breathtaking.


This weekend I attended a birthday party for John’s oldest daughter. They hosted an afternoon get together at a bounce house (?) establishment. I was not familiar with these facilities prior to this event. It is basically a big warehouse filled with state-of-the-art moonwalks, really. You can rent out a big-ass room and the kids (and adults) can knock themselves out (maybe literally) in these huge jumpy labyrinths. They are like habitrails for adults, really. Afterwards you get cake and punch.

I think John and I may have our wedding reception in one of these places, FYI.

On a side note? For my 7th birthday I was allowed to take two friends to McDonald’s. No, not the McDonald’s Playhouse, for those did not exist in the 1970’s. We’re talking JUST McDonald’s. As I recall my Mom brought cupcakes from home. And my little brother. *sigh* I’m telling ya, kids today have got a totally rockin’ set-up and don’t think I’m not going to enjoy it this second time around. I have a wonky right knee and there I was up on that bouncy slide, I kid you not. Of course, I looked like an overweight orangutan, but it sure was fun.


My shit-ass right knee isn’t getting better. I mean, it’s not been very good for say, oh….over five years or so but it’s definitely getting worse. I guess part of getting older is the reluctant acceptance of your body’s shortcomings, but I never thought it would include my legs. After years of abusive chain smoking and binge drinking, I’d always thought it would be my internal organs that would break down first. Humph. Now I’ve quit smoking and I’m a responsible adult and what happens? My KNEE is giving out? Figures.

I have an appointment this Thursday with an Orthopedic clinic to check things out. When I go up or down stairs, my right knee makes a sound like stepping on packed snow. It’s hard to describe. It also sounds like you are squeezing a hundred cotton balls in your hand. It’s like hearing what the word *twist* would sound like, were it a sound. It’s gross and although it’s not excrutiatingly painful, it feels like it could get that way quickly.

John may have to piggy-back me down the aisle. Just sayin’.


This weekend was pretty fantastic. Again, John would rather be physically set on fire dislikes being posted about, so I’ll keep it brief. This morning we took the boat out for a spin around the lake and a little quiet time after such a busy weekend. Spending these moments together just solidifies my affirmation that again, he’s the guy for me. We laugh. A lot. We’re comfortable together. We communicate, even when the subject matter isn’t easy. Did I mention we laugh? There was so much to smile about this weekend that my cheeks hurt. My other cheeks hurt from that damn bouncy house, but that’s nothing anyone wants to hear about.

So, I’m taking my sore butt to bed. I’ve missed ya’ll.

3 thoughts on “Jumpity Jumping Jenny

  1. Wendy says:

    I am also a tp over-the-top kind of girl.

  2. jill says:

    I think my sister must have come to look at your house. She always does the same thing to my TP rolls. I don’t do it to her, in fact, I’m very understanding of other people’s flaws, but she has the need to change them to her preference, THEN look surprised when I call her on it.

  3. Imez says:

    I remember McDonald’s parties in the 80’s, too. No playland, but we did have a tiny merry-go-round where you could sit on Grimace and the Hamburgler. You’re probably kidding about having your reception there. But it would be incredibly cool and no one would ever forget it.

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