With a little help from my friends

So, here we go with another weight loss campaign. No one likes a fat drunk, so once again I’ve started a diet and fitness routine. Plus, now I have the motivation of my own damn wedding. I don’t want to look at the pictures and think “wow, I bear a striking resemblance to Roseanne Barr”. Again, I am far from fat, but I’d like to tone up my midsection a bit. It’s a little jigglier (?) than I’d like and it needs firming up, period.

At the Detroit airport last weekend, I picked up an “O” magazine. To my delight, there was an article about exercise that seemed right up my alley. All you need is a set of weights, and ten minutes a day. EVEN I CAN DO THAT, I thought.

I ripped out the pages of the workout and took them to work this week. I figured I’d share them with Jess, as she’s always looking out for new fitness routines as well.

Me: Jess! C’mere! I found this great workout in “O” magazine!

Jess: Oh yeah?

Me: *very enthusiastic* Just look – all you need is a set of weights and it tells you on which days to do which workout!


This is an Actual Picture from “O” magazine.

Jess: WOW.

Me: No, look…..it’s pretty straightforward and easy.

Jess: *giggling hysterically*

Me: WHAT?!? What the hell is so funny?

Jess: You’re going to look like such an ASSHOLE.

Me: You know what? You suck. I think I hate you.

Jess: *laughing uncontrollably* Holy shit, I can hardly wait for days 3 and 6!!!

I hope I lose 20 pounds AND SHE FINDS IT.

5 thoughts on “With a little help from my friends

  1. Imez says:

    Sigh. Yeah, 20 pounds over-weight. You’re Rosanne Barr all right. Now excuse me while I go get my sponge-on-a-stick and take my weekly bath.

  2. Wendy says:

    What about picking back up with the boot camp? That will whip you back into shape in no time.

  3. JennyB says:

    Check this out:Cross fithttp://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/excercise.html#Girls

  4. Jen says:

    Thanks for the suggestions! Imez, I tell ya, after quiting smoking I am officially the biggest I’ve ever been and have been asked if I’m expecting a BABY. No, I’m not obese, but I tell ya – I sympathize deeply with anyone struggling with weight issues. I am stunned at how hard it is to lose, and how humiliating it feels.

  5. Anonymous says:

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