More later on my fabulous weekend trip to Los Angeles. For now, just a snippet. It’s been documented how much I dislike air travel. All facets of it. Especially the part with the airport and the waiting and the boarding and the landing and the flying part in between, really. I do not care for it. I certainly am not one who likes to make small talk with my aisle-mates, either.

I boarded at lunchtime today with my pocket full of drink tickets, an iPod and a book. I was ready to suffer through the next four hours in the air, hopefully with a good vodka buzz.

I chose a window seat as although I hate to fly, I like to lean. I don’t especially like looking down at the earth beneath me, I just like to lean if I’m lucky enough to drowse. As the plane was filling up I crossed my fingers beneath my book and glanced up occasionally knowing it was a full flight and I would soon have company. OH LORD PLEASE NOT THE GUY WITH THE LAZY EYE. Please don’t let it be that messy looking Mom with the kid that’s shrieking. I sighed with relief when a pretty young woman asked if the aisle seat was taken. Thank God. Then again, there is still the matter of the vacant seat between us. I started panicking again. Suddenly I looked up and there was a lady placing her Precalculus with Limits (?) hardback textbook in our shared middle seat before putting her bag in the overhead storage. She bore a slight resemblance to “Georgette” from the Mary Tyler Moore show, I thought. Without the ditziness, of course. I think it was her hair and smile.

Well, over the next four hours a bit of a miracle occurred. As I settled in with my drink I made a comment to Georgette about her “light reading”. We started to chat a bit and I found that she too has a fear of turbulence and plummeting to her death. The pretty woman in the aisle seat nodded and the next thing I knew, we were in a full blown conversation. Georgette is a Calculus/Algebra teacher in Manhattan Beach. The pretty woman is Hawaiian, a young mother of two and an Insurance Investigator. Then there’s me. We could not have been more different. Within the first hour we discovered that we all have/had someone close to us with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. It was odd, but suddenly we all seemed to feel a kinship. We compared notes and nodded at the other’s experience and stories.

We literally carried on a FOUR HOUR conversation. We talked about love, loss, children, the Loch Ness Monster and Kevin Costner. I think they too would agree that this was quite an unusual occurrence. The time flew and before I knew it, our plane was on its descent. They were both continuing on to their final destinations, so I gave them each a drink coupon and I wished them a safe trip. I told them both about this silly little blog and encouraged them to keep in touch. I hope they do, as I was fortunate to meet these two women and get to see a window of their worlds.

Thanks, guys for making something I abhor dare I say…enjoyable?!?! I wish you all the best.

Oh, and Georgette…? When we went inside the terminal to the ladies room I wanted to wait for you outside the restroom to say goodbye again, but I didn’t want to appear stalky or creepy. Anyway, I figured you knew where to find me. (smile)

Please feel free to sign up on my notify list – after all, I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii AND Manhattan Beach*.

* kidding! Sort of. Not really. Ha!

4 thoughts on “Trio

  1. Anonymous says:

    WHAT?? You were in LA and you didn’t tell me??? I would have LOVED to have SEEN YOU!!!!Sheesh.N

  2. Jamie says:

    JenI gave you an blogger award, please visit my site and claim it.Love your blogJamie

  3. Linda says:

    Hi Jen,Georgette, here! I am going to get a haircut ASAP!! Anyway, it was fun talking to you on the plane. It was a quick 4 hours. You reminded me of someone, too. I finally figured out who it is ….Courtney Thorne-Smith! Hope all is well in Tennessee. Thanks for the nice blog entry. Keep in touch.

  4. Jen says:

    Hey Linda! Awesome to hear from you-I trust you made it home safe and sound. I’ve been told I resemble Courtney by quite a few folks. Wish my bank account resembled hers! Take care and please keep in touch!

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