First Impressions

Today at work I was walking down the hallway and I saw a bunch of my co-workers standing around talking to our HR Director, and a lady I had never seen before. I quickly ascertained that this woman was interviewing with the company and was being introduced around. We have quite a few positions open and this is pretty commonplace.

HR Director: Jen! Come here, I want you to meet Carolyn.
Me: *extending hand* Hi Carolyn, I’m Jen – it’s nice to meet you!

Carolyn: Thanks, you too! So, Jen, what do you do?

Me: “Well, Carolyn, right now I do absolutely nothing. They are transitioning me from the Legal Department to Sales. It’s great! When they come to me with Legal tasks, I tell them that I’m in Sales and don’t do that anymore. Then they’ll come to me with Sales assignments and I casually mention that I’m still in the Legal Department. It’s awesome!

So, Carolyn, what position are you interviewing for?

Carolyn: Sales Manager. Um…your boss.

Me: Interesting. Now if you’ll excuse me I obviously need to go locate my work ethic.

3 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. Imez says:

    Cheer up, maybe she won’t get the position. Especially after you send her a bag of heroine through the mail?

  2. jill says:

    Your place of employment sounds like the perfect sitcom. I’d watch it.

  3. Wendy says:

    I am really good a first impressions also…..I think the term would be, open mouth and inset foot.

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