Someone left a Cosmopolitan magazine in the breakroom this week. Oh…no.

As is typical in most issues, there is a sex quiz. There usually is. I thought by this day and age, we’d have covered everything. Evidently not.

They surveyed 500 men. When asked what was the most commonly neglected area of men’s bodies when it came to sex, a resounding 80% answered “the taint”.

I will clarify, as they did. The *Taint* is the small area between the penis/testicles and the anus. AS IN…’taint your willy and ‘taint your butthole.
I have tried repeatedly to re-word that sentence and there’s just no other way to put it, I apologize.

There’s a reason that area is neglected, boys.

Anyway, it would seem that the ‘taint is a commonly used expression amongst males. You’ve read the previous postings. I wouldn’t say my office is “politically correct” by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyway, that’s the preface to the following.

There were a few of us sitting around the lobby the other day, waiting to go to lunch. We’d been discussing the Cosmo article.

Kirby: “I told you, man. It’s all about the ‘taint.”
Me: *sigh* “Evidently”.
Kirby: “Seriously.”
Me: “Ok”.

Into our circle of conversation walks a dude who has worked in our office forever. He is often the subject of ridicule, but is totally a good sport.

Larry: “HEY GUYS! What’re ya’ll talking about?”
Me: “Apparently…….THE TAINT.”
Larry: “Wuh”?
Kirby: “Dude. You know. That area that ‘taint your knob and ‘taint your butthole”.
Larry: *silence* *befuddled*
Kirby: “DUDE. YOU KNOW what I’m talkin’ about.”
Larry: “Um. No. I don’t think I do”.
Me: *embarrased for EVERYONE at this point* (but not so embarrassed that I didn’t stick around to hear what Larry would SAY, faced with this atrocity.)

Larry: “Wait. The area……”
Kirby: “YES!”
Larry: “Oh, holy crap. You mean the NOTCHER.”


I don’t care who you are…that’s just funny.

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